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In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort

Seasonal Sites

Do you need a deposit? A $400 deposit is due October 15th. 

How much are your sites & when is the site rent due? Site prices range from $2400-$3,500 Depending on site and rent is due by April 15th .

 What future amenities are you planning for?
 Some of the things we plan on having is a fish cleaning station, laundry facility, shower house, bathroom, camp store, office & picnic pavilion.  These are not listed in any particular order.    

What is your timeline for future amenities? We don't like to make promises we can't keep so we can't give you a definite answer about any specific amenities we plan to put in.  However, we can say that we are definitely ahead of schedule and feel confident that we will start building in the very near future.  

Are there activities near you?  We are just 5 miles north of Wisconsin Dells.  We have the best of both worlds.  If you want peace and quiet you can stay at the campground.  If you want access to great restaurants, nightlife and attractions you are just 5 miles away.  We are also located right across from the Upper Dells of the Wisconsin River.  

What do you provide with an ungroomed site? Sites not groomed can be designed to your preference.  The gravel pad is included, however you can purchase more if you like.  We will lay black dirt down for you and seed it.  We just need two hoses and two sprinklers.  You can keep these items after we are finished with your lawn.  We will help you keep it watered for the first season.  If you would like to lay the dirt yourself we can get black dirt brought in, but it's not included if you choose to DIY.  You can choose your own grass seed, plant & landscape to your desires.  We will help in any way we can.  

Where can I park my boat? You will be given 1 free off-site parking spot. 

Do you have WiFi? We do not currently have WiFi.  We were told it would be quite costly to add, and at this time we don't have enough campers interested.

Do You Have Cable?  We do not have Cable, but do recommend Direct TV.  That seems to work the best in our location.  

What about a pool?   We just had a new 20 x 40 saltwater pool installed in the season of 2014.  We love it!!

What is your noise level like?  We are a private park with no over-night campers.  We do have quiet hours, and very respectful campers.  It is a nice quiet park. 

Do you allow golf carts?  Yes, but you need to have a valid driver's license to drive one. 

Do you allow ATVs?  We do allow ATVs, and UTVs.  However, they must maintain the 5 mph speed limit.  There is an ATV trail that starts just outside our camp entrance.   

Do you have a speed limit?  5 mph 

Do you have parties? We try to get together as often as we can.  We have a community bonfire on Saturday nights at the Tiki Bar.  We have a big pig roast on the 2nd to last weekend of September every season.  We have more events in the works for this season as well including a carnival, 4th of July Parade, and Christmas in July.  
What kind of units do you allow? We allow Park Models, RV's, Campers and Cabins.

Are there any beaches near you?  We are directly across from a public boat launch to the Upper Dells of the Wisconsin River.  If you have a boat you will have several options for beaches.  Otherwise, there is public access to BirchCliff beach on the Upper Dells, Mirror Lake & Devil's Lake State Parks are also near-by.  

What are your rules for pets?  

We do welcome pets at In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort.  We've had dogs, cats and even a very friendly pig once at the campground.  We love animals and are more than happy to share the campground with them.  So bring up those furry little friends.  We even have a great Golf Cart/Walking Trail for you and your pet to stretch your legs.  

A lot of our campers have pets, and are very welcoming to their neighbors’ pets.  However, there are a few people who aren't quite as comfortable with our four-legged friends.  Not everyone is an animal lover, and that's okay.  We want everyone to enjoy their camping experience at In The Pines.  So we do have a few rules that we've had to implement in order to keep the campground running in a peaceful direction.   

1.  Everyone must clean up after their pets.  This includes on your site, and throughout the park grounds.  Obviously, we don't expect you to follow your cute little pup around with a pooper scooper, but we do want your site maintained throughout your stay so that your neighbors don't have to view or smell anything unpleasant during their stay at In The Pines.     

2.  Whether you are walking your dog, or if it is just on your site, it must be on a leash.  We have a lot of dogs in the campground.  So far we've only met really friendly dogs.  Unfortunately, we've also seen some really friendly dogs get aggressive when approached by another dog.  This rule is for your benefit as well as for your pets.  

3.  When you're on your Golf Cart with your dog it must be on a leash.

4.  Your pet needs to remain on your site and not wander on neighbors sites.  You may have your dog off a leash if your site is safely and securely fenced in so that your dog cannot wander off your site.  You cannot dig your fence deeper than 14" in the ground.  If you have an invisible fence we will need to be made aware of that.  If you will be installing a fence we will need to have a design before you construct it.  If you do not have a fence for your dog, then it needs to be on a leash.  This is for your pets benefit.  Your dog might be the most gentle, and most friendly dog in the campground.  However, it may encounter another dog that may not know these wonderful qualities about your pup.  If your dog is not in your control with a leash than you have no knowledge of what your pup is doing when he's not in your view.  If we get complaints about your pet than we will need to come up with other options for keeping your dog on your site.  We are very flexible with site design, and would like to see your pet continue to camp with you.

If we do see your dog off its leash or get a complaint that your dog is off its leash then we do have a Dog Policy that we follow.  

1st Offense - You will receive a written warning of the incident.

2nd Offense - You will be fined $25 for the incident.  

3rd Offense - You will be fined $100 for the incident.

4th Offense - Your dog is no longer welcome at In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort.

5.  You cannot leave your pet tied up outside, or in a camper all day without supervision.  We've had some issues in the past where dogs were left alone all day and barked the entire time.  For one, it's not going to make you the most popular neighbor.  Second, it's unfair to your pet.  If we see this we will ask you to make other arrangements for your animal.  We have two excellent pet boarders in the Dells area.  Please check out Pampered Paws or Pet Retreat for more information on boarding your pet.  You can also make friends with your neighbors and ask them if they can help.    

6.  If you have a dog that barks nonstop every time someone walks by your camper you will need to come up with ways to either quiet your pet significantly, or leave your pet at home.  Everyone's on vacation at In The Pines, and just wants to relax.  We just want to make sure that we are giving everyone around us the peace and quiet that they deserve.  

7.  There are certain breeds of dogs that tend to be a bit more aggressive than others.  We haven't banned a specific breed yet.  However, we do maintain the option to let you know that your dog may not be a great fit for our campground.  We have a lot of little kids running around, and even though the sites are large, we are still living in close quarters to each other.  If we get complaints that your dog is not under control we will have to sit down with you and discuss other options.
8.  We need copies of your dogs current shot records.  If your dog doesn't have its shots, or the records then we ask that you leave your pets at home. 

We really do love all the pets that have come to camp with us at In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort.  We wish we could just let them all run free.  However, we have a lot of campers with many different views on pet care.  For the non pet-lovers we ask that you understand that pet-lovers tend to view their furry little friends as part of their family,  The feeling one has towards their pet can be quite strong, and emotional.  For those of you that are pet-lovers we ask you to understand that some people just aren't, and may never love your cute little pooch.  Therefore, we need to respect their space.  Everyone pays and deserves the very best experience that we can give them at In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort. 

For those of you that have lost a beloved pet, we would like to mention that we have a space near the Memorial Garden for your pets name.  If you would like to paint a small rock with your pets name you can do so and place it on the outside of the garden near the other small rocks.   

Last but not least... We really want your pet pictures!!!  If you have any adorable pictures of you and your pet camping, please send them our way.  Post them on Facebook or email them to us.  We will put them on the web page so that everyone can look at the great Pet Pictures. 

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Below you will find the answers to some commonly asked questions about In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort.  If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call or stop on out.  We would be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have about In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort Camping.  

Where are you located? Our seasonal sites are near Wisconsin Dells, WI by just 5 miles.  Camping in Wisconsin Dells is fun, but camping just outside of Wisconsin Dells is even better.  If you want to play tourist for a day you are just 5 minutes away.  Maybe you want to feel more like a local, and avoid the hustle and bustle.  Being just outside of the city limits, can give you the peace and quiet you deserve.     


How big are your sites? 50 x 80 ft 

What kind of Hook-up do you have? We have full hook-up of Septic (full hook-up with no pump-out), Electric ( 50 amp service where each site has it's own meter & is billed monthly) & Water (included with a site hook-up, but labeled as an amenities charge ). 

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