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Our last development to our "Seasonal-Only" Campground was in the spring of 2015.  Our most recent sites are in a beautiful, private, and wooded area of the campground.  They are located near the Memorial garden and in the center of a golf cart & walking trail.  We have many excited and friendly campers working hard on putting their special signature on their sites in order to make the site reflect their own personal style.  It always amazes us to see the variety in landscaping styles that come through with each individual site.  Our campers have taken a 50 x 80 piece of land and treated it as if it were a blank canvas.  The artistry they've displayed is exciting to watch progress.  If you would like to get on the waiting list, or would like to see the campground.   We would love to show you around and answer any questions you may have.  For more information or to make an appointment please contact us, or call Maria at 608-697-8341 for an appointment and more information. 

In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort
N1323 Cty Rd N, Lyndon Station WI. 53944

Check out these beautiful site designs!

Large and Affordable Sites
Our sites are large 50 x 80 Sites with plenty of room for your family to stretch and relax.  The site prices range anywhere between $2,400 - $3,500 a season.  The variety in price is due to the privacy of certain sites.  We leave them for you to design the way you want them to look.  We are very flexible on site design.  Build a shed, deck or patio.  Whatever, your heart desires to make you comfortable is what we encourage at In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort.  We are a seasonal-only campground so your family will get the privacy that they deserve.  You won't have someone living next to you every other day, but will instead have neighbors that stay.

Camping Units

We have a variety of camping models in the campground from park models to travel trailers.  We also have a few campers that occasionally sell their units to move up to different units.  So if you are looking for a camper, please call us and find out if anyone has anything for sale.  If you don't yet have a camper we would advise giving Friendship RV a call.  They do a great job, and have made many campers happy at In The Pines.  We are a family owned and operated business.  We understand the expenses that families have to face.  For that reason we keep affordable rates.  We don't believe in unexpected and very high rate increases.  We do our very best to keep vacationing with your family affordable for you.  Some of the sites are priced differently depending on where the site is located in the campground.  Sites that have a bit more privacy are a little bit higher in cost.  If you would like to get more information on the price of a site you are interested in please Contact Us.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.      

​In The Pines 

Seasonal Camp-Resort

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In The Pines Camp Map

Plans For The Future
We are building the campground in stages and have "BIG" plans for the future at In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort.  Some amenities we plan to add as soon as possible are:  Shower House, Camp Store, Picnic Pavilion, Fish Cleaning Station (these items are in no particular order).

In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort is a seasonal-only campground.  Our campers enjoy the peace and quiet that In The Pines can provide.  Everyone gets to know each other and has great respect for each others privacy.  It's not just a campground, but instead a small community of friends.

Camp Map

Please Call for an Appointment to View Our Available Sites!

We provide you with a gravel pad for your camper.  If you would like to purchase extra gravel we can have it brought in, and will spread it for you.  If you would like green grass we can spread it for you at our cost.  We just ask for 2 sprinklers and hoses, which will be returned to you after your lawn is finished.  We will seed the lawn and help you keep it watered for the first year.  

Worried about keeping that grass green and flowers blooming?  
There are a lot of campgrounds that won't allow campers to water their lawns or flowers during a dry season due to old and out-of-date wells.  We don't have that problem at In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort.  All of our equipment is new and top-notch.  We will try to conserve water during a dry season, but you will still see beautiful flowers and lawns growing during even the driest season at In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort.